A tool for brainstorming


One of my favorite brainstorming EdTech tools to use with my Ss is AndwerGarden.ch by @CreativeHeroes

If you are looking to engage your students with a program that is easy to develop and implement, this is the way to go. I have been using AnswerGarden as a classroom do now, brainstorm session, review, and exit ticket. Go to AnswerGarden.ch, plug in a question or topic, give the code to the students, and off you go. The question appears at the top and they don’t see any responses until they submit theirs first. Hit the refresh button and watch it grow. It develops a word wall of responses. The more answers, the bigger the wall. The more a student responds with the same answer, the word gets bigger. Wipe it for the next class or let it grow through the day. It does have a few safety tools too. There is an anti garden, a delete button, and spam filter just in case of that one answer that doesn’t fit.

Try it below.

What’s your favorite EdTech tool?



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