Breaking down my silo walls and connecting

Breaking down my silo walls.

Getting active on social media.

I recently jumped on twitter after going to #EdCampNJ. The first breakout discussion I joined was about getting connected. He asked a question to start the conversation, “Who is on social media professionally?”. I kind of raised my hand because I posted once or twice. I looked around the room, and I was the only one not really excited about the question. He then asked the simple question, “Why not?”. It was rhetorical, but I immediately had to think of a reason. I didn’t have an answer, I had nothing. I didn’t see it as bad, but I didn’t see it as good. Then the discussion went to why they do it. My coworker, @sdtitmas, said it gives the parents a window into the classroom. Other teachers and school leaders talked about getting connected, developing partnerships, and sharing.

As soon as I walked out I checked the hashtag he put up and got my a-ha moment. It was all positive. Everything. Even teachers talking about struggles used it as reflection to turn it into a learning experience. My next stop was Future Ready NJ. This was the icing on the cake. Not only was everyone talking about what they do, they gave shoutouts to other districts about what they see on social media and how it’s helped them develop a path for change and growth. My day ended with a breakout session on failing (the good taking risks failing I last wrote about). And that’s exactly what I needed to get that final push in the right direction. I decided I’m going to get on and try it. I went home and tweeted, mostly retweets and likes, but I got on. This was a great decision. I started following people and realized there are a lot of great ideas and connections on here that inspire me and drive me. I have to keep on my growth mindset hat and make this routine, even if just a few minutes a day. Now that I am a bit more comfortable online, I am starting to share more, such as this blog. I want to be your spark of creativity, your a-ha moment. This week I started to dig I deeper. As I got even more involved, I started seeing Q1 and A1, but I’ll save that for my next blog about my new PLN and what I learned from one immersive week of twitter chats.

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