My new PLN

Expanding my PLN.

Whoah. That’s the best way to explain my week. When I finally decided to get on line and start connecting, I noticed posts that had A1 before them followed by a thought or idea. After a while I finally clicked the thread to see Q1 followed by a question. I did a quick google to find out that this was a twitter chat. Then I noticed a common aspect in the thread, the hashtags. Follow them and you can see a full conversation. I was a lurker (sounds eerie but it just refers to someone who is just there to “listen”). I asked a coworker who I saw was involved how to get into them. Did I have to pay?, was it a small organization?, am I going to do something wrong? So many questions and concerns at first, like going to my first real PD session. I started with an introduction that night and immediately jumped on Q1:. (Retweet with quote and use A1 then hashtag, and that’s all you need to know to get started.). I was hooked. This is a great flash PD, and it’s at home. It’s going to a 1 hour edcamp that has 5 breakout sessions. I commented, liked, (and lurked), but most important, I learned and was motivated by every response to better myself professionally and personally. The big takeaway however is the new Professional Learning Network I gained in one night. I have developed amazing connections in one hour. I decided to see if this was jut a fluke or it it was as good as I perceived. To test I decided to join one every night. (Just search education twitter chats and calendars show up all over the Internet. I added a few to my iCal to keep track of time because of time one listings). It turned out, every one was better than the other. Simply because I was now better every night. It took me a while to break out of my shell to share and connect online. I will continue with connecting and keep on twitter chatting (don’t know if that’s the right saying, but it sounds good). Threads I was in last week are still growing and comments and learning haven’t stopped. Even though it was only an hour, it’s lasting way beyond. I am glad to have found like minded people who continue to improve everything around them and have helped me grow in so many ways.

#LearnLAP #LeadLAP #engagechat #bookcampPD #MasteryChat #KidsDeserveIt #PersonalizedPD

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