A simple choice

A simple choice I made

This week I was asked a question by one of my Ss, “Can we switch seats?” Last year I would have said sure, let me make a new seating chart and we’ll switch tomorrow. T’s and Ss are accustomed to making charts and following norms of yesterday’s classroom. We switch seats and shuffle around when it’s a new marking period, a return from a break, or response to an incident. But today, I reflected on my winter break professional learning, twitter chats, on demand PL, and inspiration from my new PLN. I said, “go ahead.” I’ve never seen such a confused look. Did I say “go ahead”?!?!, they couldn’t understand. I allowed them to get up and move and form new groups by their choice. It took them a few seconds to figure out what was going on, but they got up and moved. I gave them free choice of seating. They got up, called their peers to sit over by them and formed groups (4 groups of 7 connected tables in my classroom). Not once did I see or hear anything negative, it was all positive. Smiles, hellos, and some high fives. Everyone had a seat at the table. (No one said you can’t sit here or have that look of that’s my seat.). They immediately got to their turn & talk task and class began. All this was accomplished in 5 minutes. I made a choice, they made a choice, class moved on. I took a risk I would have never taken in years past, and it was great. Small changes in my classroom are taking place and making big changes overall.

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