My ahhhh moment (the post ah-ha)

My ahhhh moment (the post ah-ha)

Today I had a good feeling and my day ended with a huge smile. A feeling that all my risks, failures, and achievements are finally where I want them to be, behind me as a learning experience. Ah-ha moment after ah-ha moment has brought me to developing a student centered lesson that finally went just as I thought it would. I developed a lesson today based on the Preamble of the Constitution and the goals set within. For years I delivered a PowerPoint with lecture and notes. I obsessed over methods that were more about content and presentation than relevance and engagement. I was not going to let that be the case anymore. Today, my Ss were guided to a OneNote collaboration page. The title page had the Preamble, the second page had the activity, and the other pages were broken into the goals. Each goal was assigned to a small group to interpret. They were given a link to a site with examples and history behind the goals. They were tasked with creating a student friendly explanation as a group. Next, they had to complete an individual part in which they chose an online image they felt best represented the goal and added an explanation. Within 15 minutes, the groups completed the tasks. The final task was presenting the material to their peers. This is the point it went from engaging them to empowering them. They presented their material to the class through my notebook and owned it. At the end of the day, all I can do was exhale a good Ahhhhhhhh. There are still some aspects I would like to work on, but I feel I have finally crossed the teacher centered to student centered line. I can’t wait until Monday when we work on the principles of the constitution.


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