Zang Bop Kiddly Pow

Zang Bop Kiddly Pow

These four words started it all. Every night I read books to my daughter before bed. But one night, my daughter read the dinosaur dance book to me. She’s only 1, and didn’t really “read” it, but said every word on every page verbatim. This was exciting for me, but also made me think. Is this what I want to see in the classroom? Is having the ability to say everything word for word back to me really showing understanding? Like my daughter, Ss may be good at memorization. Knowing what to say when we expect them to say it. But, the next part changed everything. She did the shimmy shimmy with the stegosaurus and the stomp stomp stomp with the T-Rex. Now, this is different. She is still not just going through the words, but creating an understanding by acting out the book as well. This is what I want my classroom to look like. Not Ss stomping around like dinosaurs, but making a learning experience where they can create, show, and connect what they learned in more than just stating facts.


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