The amazing embrace of failure

The amazing embrace of failure

This week I got to see amazing teachers in my district empower students during #CSEedweek. Our teachers spent many hours planning for the week, putting together coding activities for each grade level and ability in their Symbaloo. I saw teachers plan rotation stations in the all purpose room for students to use coding bots, and register for Skype sessions with coders and programmers to learn more about what they do in the real world. But, it was the reactions from the students that I will never forget. Specifically how they responded to failure. Failure is not typically something that is embraced and welcomed with open arm as we grow and learn. It is a mindset we must develop and understand. Growth is not perfect. During computer science week, I saw the complete opposite. Students were using the hour of code to complete activities with coding and computation thinking. When they did something wrong, when they failed, they reflected on their choices, identified which area was in need of being fixed. when they tried and tried and just couldn’t get it, they had no problem asking a peer of their teacher for assistance. This mindset was, in one word, amazing. They took failure and made it into nothing, and kept working and asking until they achieved mastery. To add icing to the cake, when they were done, not only could they explain their steps, they excitedly admitted how they reached their goal. Kudos to both the teachers and students for an amazing week. (Even though they do it every day and not just during this week) Thanks for creating a growth mindset and an understanding of computation thinking that everyone can all take with them when they leave your room and enter the next.


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