NearPod and ScreenBeam

NearPod and ScreenBeam

When I need an exciting, interactive lesson that engages my students and promotes active learning, NearPod is my go-to tool.  Students are able to use devices to learn new material and complete assignments.  Since every student logs in and completes assignments independently, this is a great way to assess students learning and hold students accountable. 

NearPod in the classroom.

One of the greatest features of NearPod is the ability to make your lesson teacher guided or student paced.  When a teacher is guiding a lesson, it can connect to a projector to display the lesson for all students to see.  I have used the teacher-led feature in endless ways.  It is great when you want to show a video on one display, scroll through and explain websites, go through information on a Sway, discuss images, and model writing prompts. The drawback to this was that my device needed to connect to the HDMI cord, which connected to a projector.  This restricted my movement around the classroom and tethered me to my device and projector.   I like to be mobile in the classroom, because I believe the teacher is an integral part in making lessons engaging and fun.  

NearPod and ScreenBeam (FINDING A SOLUTION!)

I was ecstatic when I learned about Actiontec ScreenBeam.  ScreenBeam connects to my projector and then I use the connection from my device so I can display content from my screen for the entire class to see.  This allowed me to walk around my classroom with my device in hand and be with my students.  By combining NearPod and Screen Beam, I was able to guide my students as they explored content.  If we were ready to go on to the next slide in Sway, it was just an easy click on my device, instead of having to return to my device in the front of the room.  As my students were working on an assignment, I could walk around and help, and decide to use Nearpod’s Share feature for the entire class to see other students’ responses.  Using NearPod and ScreenBeam together saved me time and allowed me to be part of the student’s responses.  ScreenBeam is the device that untethered me during these amazing, interactive lessons. 

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